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Title Small sculpture and sculptural elelments
Collection Herbert Creecy Papers
Date c. 1980's
Type Series
Catalog Number IN001 001.008
Creator Creecy Jr., Herbert Lee
Source Herbert Lee Creecy, III
Scope & Content This is a group small sculptures and sculptural elements, most likely from the 1980's when Creecy was most actively making "toys" and give a glimpse into his creative process as it pertains to Creecy as sculptor.

IN1 1-8-1Tongs with Paint
IN1 1-8-2Bolt with chipped paint
IN1 1-8-3Plastic spoon with layered paint
IN1 1-8-4Dabs of paint formed together
IN1 1-8-5Wood rod with paint at end
IN1 1-8-6Wood object painted/green
IN1 1-8-7Wood object painted/red
IN1 1-8-8Walnut shell/light white paint on top
IN1 1-8-9Plastic cap/dirty
IN1 1-8-10Plastic object/painted/wire loop
IN1 1-8-11Circular base with paint dabs/straight pins/paper coil
IN1 1-8-12Plastic army men stacked and painted
IN1 1-8-13Metal rod with sculpted paint ends
IN1 1-8-14Two metal rods with groves with sculpted paint ends
IN1 1-8-15Plastic tubular "X" with pine straw brush
IN1 1-8-16Paint disks stacked with leather twine
IN1 1-8-17Handled tool covered in thick paint/orange, green, gray
IN1 1-8-18Spiral with glue and paint
IN1 1-8-19Wood rod painted
IN1 1-8-20Metal rod painted
IN1 1-8-21Plastic bottle painted
IN1 1-8-22Wood stick painted orange and green
IN1 1-8-23Wood stick painted orange and silver
IN1 1-8-24Orange airplane
IN1 1-8-25Airplane and spotted bird
IN1 1-8-26Stripe painted car on stand
IN1 1-8-27Toy truck with pearl necklace
IN1 1-8-28Plastic airplane with painted end
IN1 1-8-29Frayed plastic rope painted at one end
IN1 1-8-30Yarn ball
IN1 1-8-31String tied
IN1 1-8-32Half of a lego car
IN1 1-8-33Half toy car
IN1 1-8-34Wood object painted yellow, blue, and red
IN1 1-8-35Painted chain and wire
IN1 1-8-36Half paint brush/blue paint
IN1 1-8-37Ring of dried paint
IN1 1-8-38Airplane, paint brush, and base
IN1 1-8-39Painted car
IN1 1-8-40Painted submarine/pink and purple
IN1 1-8-41Scrub brush with nail/base is painted green
IN1 1-8-42Airplane with paint
IN1 1-8-43Oil lamp with tool
IN1 1-8-44Rod and disk/at angle
IN1 1-8-45Painted rod with two circular ends
IN1 1-8-46Painted rod with formed ends
IN1 1-8-47Painted rod one end pointed, one end with multiple prongs
IN1 1-8-48Melted plastic object
IN1 1-8-49Spring, rod, and cap at each end/painted red, white, and blue
IN1 1-8-50Toy car with brushes/painted
IN1 1-8-51Toy car with animal figure on top
IN1 1-8-52Painted pot with opening at top
IN1 1-8-53Two painted rods joined together by white plastic form
IN1 1-8-54Red and purple airplane
IN1 1-8-55Metal rod with rubber bands
IN1 1-8-56Metal rod with plastic worm and rubber bands
IN1 1-8-57Wood rod with spring
IN1 1-8-58Metal rod with toothbrush and pinecone
IN1 1-8-59Canvas painted, wood plank and oyster shell
IN1 1-8-60Two canvases with foam, clay, paint, rope
IN1 1-8-61Metal can with plastic bottles and fork
IN1 1-8-62Canvas layers painted over in black
IN1 1-8-63Toy train with toothbrush, binky, mouth mirror, comb, ect..,
IN1 1-8-64Two wood blocks with painted compass
IN1 1-8-65Wood block with can, plastic tub, doorknobs
IN1 1-8-66Two circular wood blocks and layers of masking tape/colored
IN1 1-8-67Airplane with additional plane on top
IN1 1-8-68Toy car on baby doll's head
IN1 1-8-69Metal object with disk on top
IN1 1-8-70Rod with wire protruding from side
IN1 1-8-71Mold-orange paint on top
IN1 1-8-72Mold white paint
IN1 1-8-73Mold painted black
IN1 1-8-74Mold white paint
IN1 1-8-75Metal rod with wire protruding from side and broom at top

People Creecy Jr., Herbert Lee
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Parent ObjectID IN001 001
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