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Name Creecy Jr., Herbert Lee
Biography The most renowned artist of Abstract Expressionism in the South was Herbert Creecy. Born in 1939 at Norfolk, Virginia, he grew up in Atlanta, Georgia. His education began with E. Rivers Elementary School in Buckhead, Atlanta. Creecy graduated from Northside High School, also in Buckhead, then attended the University of Alabama and graduated from the Atlanta School of Art. The French Government awarded him with a fellowship in 1964, where he studied with the famous English artist and printmaker Stanley William Hayter, founder of the influential Atelier 17 studio established in Montparnasse in 1927. Hayter influenced and taught print making to many famous artist including Pablo Picasso, Jackson Pollack, Salvador Dali, Joan Miro, and Marc Chagall.

In Barnesville, GA, Creecy maintained his home and studio from an old cotton factory. Surrounded by his art, he developed his many ingenious techniques and creative motifs. One of these techniques utilized an air-brush to splay wet paint with a rhythmic effect. Another creation was his print making skills with polyurethane transfers, a skill where he applies the polymer on the canvas and uses a squeegee to press the liquid into the top layer of paint. Once dried, it accomplishes new found dimensions of space and random contours upon the canvas.

Creecy exhibited his work in Atlanta, Los Angeles, New York, London and Italy. His art resides in many museums and institutions from the Whitney Museum, Corcoran, Norton, State of Georgia Art Collection, High Museum, Telfair, the University of Tennessee, and Clark Atlanta University. Corporate institutions have collected his work; the National Bank of Georgia, Portman Properties, the Marriot Marquis in Atlanta, the Waverly Hotel and the McDonald’s Corporation have preserved his legacy through their permanent collections.

Associated Records

Image of Herbert Creecy Papers - Herbert Creecy Papers

Herbert Creecy Papers - Herbert Creecy Papers

This collection centers on Herbert Creecy's prolific career as an artist in Georgia between 1964 and 2003. Though the bulk of the collection dates during his lifetime, there are a few articles and videos that were added by Herbert Lee Creecy III after his father's death in 2003. The collection includes hundreds of slides, depicting images of his artwork, some images of works in exhibitions and Creecy himself at work in his studio. Works include images of paintings, sketches, polly transfers, and sculpture including such series as his toy series, Shaking Shanties, linear compositions, portraits, landscapes and more. Sketchbooks dated randomly between 1994-2002 reveal the importance he plac

Image of Painting Tools & Equipment - Herbert Creecy Papers

Painting Tools & Equipment - Herbert Creecy Papers

This group of objects includes a box of used paint brushes of many different sizes and shapes, trowels and tools, such as forks, spoons and knives, all covered in thick paint, and a painting trough.

Image of Small sculpture and sculptural elelments - Herbert Creecy Papers

Small sculpture and sculptural elelments - Herbert Creecy Papers

This is a group small sculptures and sculptural elements, most likely from the 1980's when Creecy was most actively making "toys" and give a glimpse into his creative process as it pertains to Creecy as sculptor. IN1 1-8-1Tongs with Paint IN1 1-8-2Bolt with chipped paint IN1 1-8-3Plastic spoon with layered paint IN1 1-8-4Dabs of paint formed together IN1 1-8-5Wood rod with paint at end IN1 1-8-6Wood object painted/green IN1 1-8-7Wood object painted/red IN1 1-8-8Walnut shell/light white paint on top IN1 1-8-9Plastic cap/dirty IN1 1-8-10Plastic object/painted/wire loop IN1 1-8-11Circular base with paint dabs/straight pins/paper coil IN1 1-8-12Plastic army men stacked and painted

Image of Trough - Herbert Creecy Papers

Trough - Herbert Creecy Papers

Creecy's used paint c. 12' paint trough made from a rain gutter.